Apple active devices have reached a new amazing milestone!

Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple, has stated that the company has recently surpassed 2 billion active devices worldwide at the time of the brand’s quarterly results presentation. It’s a record-breaking number for the company, confirming its strong recent growth.

Thus, will be more competitive with and the 3 billion active devices in 2021. saw a rise of more than 200 million active devices in 2022, indicating that the company is doing well. Recall that in 2015, Apple surpassed the milestone of one billion active users.

With record sales in several regions of the world, the pandemic in 2020 contributed to the increase in those figures. Other companies, however, have faced a more difficult scenario in recent months. Both the demand for computers, tablets, smartphones and accessories has fallen by a historic amount.

surpasses 2 billion active devices worldwide

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is not exempt from these issues. The business reported a 5% decrease in turnover during the past three months. Thus, Apple would have earned 117 billion dollars in a highly uneven manner. The sales of iPhones account for more than half of this sum.

Tim Cook is happy with the performance of the company in a number of countries, such as Canada and Europe. Despite manufacturing issues over the Christmas season due to the shutdown of many facilities in China. has also been successful in establishing a presence in high-potential emerging countries like Vietnam and India.

Tim Cook stated that iPhone manufacturing has been restored to its previous level on his conference call with shareholders. The pandemic-related issues that occurred in December no longer affect ’s performance. The launch of new models, such as the 14- and 16-inch MacBook Pro, should allow Apple brand computer sales to start increasing once more.

Only 6% of sales in the previous quarter came from computer sales. With 8% of sales from the iPad, which shouldn’t be updated all year. In the end, ’s services (Music, Arcade, TV+) are proving to be the second major source of income for the company behind the iPhone.

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