Anker’s PowerCore 24K GaN portable charger with a 24k battery, 140W charging launched

Anker has unveiled the PowerCore 24K portable charger with a 140W fast charging capability. The new device comes with a 24,000mAh battery which can be charged as well as used to charge other devices at 140W charging speed. The portable PowerCore 24K comes with significant improvements from its predecessor and is already available on demand.

The Anker PowerCore 24K operates under the Power Delivery 3.1 architecture. It has overshot the previous maximum charging power by 40W, from its previous 100W speed. There are two USB-C ports that can simultaneously output 140W charging while the USB-A port charges at 18W. The new power bank is based on the GaN 3 technology deployed in Anker’s recent GaNPrime chargers. The technology delivers a more efficient AC-DC conversion and higher power output. The technology also provides a more compact and temperature-efficient charging device.Anker’s PowerCore 24K GaN portable charger

The PowerCore 24K has a smart digital display that shows charging information. It provides information such as the power draw for each connected device, the power status of the power bank, and recharge time. Anker says that the display should only be used when needed to conserve available power. Other chargers also launched by Anker include the Anker 747 GaNPrime with 150W charging from a single port. The Anker 747 GaNPrime does not have the Power Delivery 3.1 technology. The maximum power that can come simultaneously from the Anker 747 is 100W.Anker’s PowerCore 24K GaN portable charger

You can purchase the PowerCore 24K directly from the Anker website or via Amazon for $149.99. The package does not include the device charger or a USB-C cable. The device requires a PD 3.1-capable charger and USB-C cable to achieve its specified 140W charging.




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