Android Users Can Now Keep Wi-Fi on When Airplane Mode is Enabled

The Pixel is known for its software and hardware issues, but it does have some benefits. For one, it gets the latest features before other phones. Lastly, a new feature allows Pixel owners to keep their Wi-Fi connection even when they turn on airplane mode.

Pixel owners can keep Wi-Fi going even after toggling airplane mode

A new feature coming to Pixel models with 13 allows users to keep their Wi-Fi connection even when they turn on airplane mode. Previously, turning on airplane mode would disconnect both your cellular and Wi-Fi connections. This update allows users to customize their settings and keep their Wi-Fi connection active while in airplane mode. To enable this feature on your Pixel device, simply follow these steps:

  • Turn on Airplane mode by going to your device’s Settings > Network & Internet > Airplane mode.
  • Turn on WiFi by going to Settings > Network & Internet > WiFi.
  • Once your device is connected to WiFi, turn off Airplane mode by going back to Settings > Network & Internet > Airplane mode.

If you want to use the new feature of keeping Wi-Fi on after switching to Airplane mode, you will need to have 13 installed on your Pixel device. To check which version of Android you are currently using, go to Settings > About Phone, and look for the “Android version” entry. If you are not using Android 13, you can upgrade by downloading the latest version from the Play Store or through a manual update from your device manufacturer.

This change is similar to the one made for Bluetooth in 11. Before Android 11, turning on airplane mode would disable all wireless connections, including Bluetooth. However, with the release of new software, it is become possible to keep Bluetooth on even after switching to airplane mode.




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