Android Feature Drop for June Adds 5 New Features to All Phones

announced several new features today coming to all phones as a part of its quarterly Android Feature Drop system. Similar to the Pixel Feature Drop idea, where would add a bunch of new features to its Pixel phones, these regularly released batches of features should go out to all Android phones.

For this June drop, is bringing new Gboard features to everyone, Google Play Points as an option to pay during checkout, improvements to background noise reduction in Sound Amplifier, and a new images mode to Lookout.

Here’s the breakdown of the new features you’ll soon be playing with:

  • Gboard custom stickers: Previously exclusive to Pixel phones, has opened up custom text stickers in Gboard to everyone. Now, when you type, you’ll be able to turn that text into a custom sticker of your choosing. All you have to do is start typing, then choose an emoji recommendation for those words, and then you’ll see a new option to customize.
  • Summer and Pride stickers in Emoji Kitchen: Another update to Gboard lands as a bunch of new summer and Pride Month-related stickers within Emoji Kitchen. You know we love Emoji Kitchen.
  • Play Points for checkout: The Play Points rewards program will soon start showing as an option to pay during checkout for in-app items. You’ll be able to cover the entire cost of the in-app item or split between points and your other payment methods.
  • Sound Amplifier improvement: is updating Sound Amplifier to better reduce background noise and bring faster and more accurate sound. The new interface should also be easier to see.
  • Lookout’s new image mode: Lookout is updating with a new Images mode that can take an image and then speak a description of the image. Google is also enhancing Text, Documents, Food Label, and Explore modes to be more accurate. Lookout can work offline now as well.

All of these new features will rollout over the coming days and weeks. Just make sure you grab the latest updates for each as they appear and the new features will eventually be there.

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