AMD Ryzen 7000 Series CPU Spotted Running Up to 1.532V on MSI’s Upcoming Motherboard, Here’s Why That’s Concerning

AMD’s upcoming release of its Ryzen 7000 series of desktop CPUs is one of the most highly anticipated announcements by PC and tech enthusiasts alike. This is because the Ryzen 7000 series of CPUs will be the first lineup of Ryzen CPUs to run AMD’s latest AM5 platform, as opposed to the Ryzen 1000 to 5000 series CPUs that were running on AMD’s older AM4 platform.

As we are inching nearer close to the launch of Ryzen 7000, more leaks and rumours have started to surface online about Ryzen 7000 and a recent leak this week shows concerning details of the SoC lineup as it shows off the high voltage draw of a supposed member from the Ryzen 7000 lineup. 

The leak comes from Twitter user @9550pro, as the tweet shares a screenshot of an off-screen BIOS menu screen which shows off the motherboard and Vcore voltage draw of the chipset. 

Source: Twitter

Starting from the motherboard, it is examined that the motherboard is a member of the MAG family of motherboards that are exclusive to MSI. Next is the B650 moniker, which means that the CPU is running on an AMD AM5-based motherboard. And since the AM5 platform was designed specifically for the Zen-4 based Ryzen 7000 CPUs to replace the AM4 platform, it is apparent to see why this could be a member of the upcoming Ryzen 7000 series lineup of desktop CPUs.

Moving onto the next detail, VCore. The image shared also details of the VCore voltage draw of the CPU which is at 1.532 V, which is quite concerning for an AMD CPU, as normally the average voltage draw of AMD CPUs is at 1.3-1.4V voltages. 

In simpler terms, higher voltage draw leads to higher power draw, which leads to lower power efficiency, and higher temperatures and leaves the CPU more prone to thermal throttling.

Despite the concerns, the above statements only hold true if the finalised retail version of the Ryzen 7000 series is presented with the high voltage draw. The shared photo may be a Ryzen 7000 early test sample or engineering sample running in AMD’s research and development team to optimise its power efficiency and performance before its planned launch date in 2H 2022.

Ryzen-7000-series-release date
Source: AMD




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