Amazon launches AWS SDK for Rust and Kotlin languages

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has launched the AWS SDK for Rust and Kotlin languages. It gives idiomatic wrappers around AWS APIs that allow developers to interact with AWS services. This happens in a more familiar and consistent way. The company also stated that the SDK has entered a stable stage and developers can already use it in production environments. AWS SDK is a series of development toolkits provided by Amazon for developers to create, deploy, and manage apps on the AWS platform. It also provides APIs in multiple languages ​​to simplify the steps for developers to operate AWS services and resources.

Amazon said that they have designed the Kotlin-specific AWS SDK from scratch. The company claims that it can provide a development experience that is consistent with the Kotlin language features. Amazon also claims that Kotlin is more interoperable than Java. This is because Kotlin is not a JVM-only language. Kotlin's multi-platform capabilities enable developers to write code for JVM, JavaScript, etc. The new SDK can make full use of the characteristics of the Kotlin language. It can significantly improve the cross-platform capabilities of the project.

There are also reports that the Kotlin-specific AWS SDK supports Domain-Specific Language (DSL) and can “simply mix other languages”. This allows developers to call Java code from Kotlin. Amazon said that developers can use the Kotlin SDK to develop apps on the JVM platform or API level 24.

In addition, Amazon also introduced the Rust language-specific AWS SDK, which provides a type-safe API. The SDK adopts a modular design. Amazon claims that this SDK has “the performance, reliability, and productivity unique to the Rust language.” Furthermore, Amazon said that Rust SDK supports async/await, non-blocking IO, etc. Currently, the SDK has been adapted to more than 300 AWS services.

AWS SDK for Kotlin

The AWS SDK for Kotlin is designed to provide a set of libraries that are consistent and familiar for Kotlin developers, taking advantage of modern Kotlin language features such as Domain Specific Language (DSL) builders and asynchronous API calls. Some key features of the AWS SDK for Kotlin include:

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  • Multi-platform support: The SDK supports JVM and Android environments, with additional platforms like Kotlin/Native coming in future releases.
  • DSL builders: These allow concise and readable configuration expressions for AWS services.
  • Coroutines support: Every API call is asynchronous and runs efficiently in coroutines, yielding to other code while waiting on I/O and optimizing the use of compute resources.


AWS SDK for Rust

The AWS SDK for Rust is designed to support modern Rust language features like async/await non-blocking IO, and builders. Some key features of the AWS SDK for Rust include:

  • Async/await: The SDK uses recent features such as async/await to provide a modern and efficient way to handle asynchronous operations.
  • Non-blocking IO: The SDK leverages non-blocking I/O to improve performance and reduce resource usage.
  • Builders: The SDK uses builders to create and manage AWS service objects in a more efficient and concise manner.

Supported AWS Services

Both the AWS SDK for Rust and Kotlin support a wide range of AWS services, including Amazon S3, Amazon EC2, DynamoDB, and many more[4]. This allows developers to build applications that interact with various AWS services with ease.


The AWS SDKs for Rust and Kotlin offer a significant improvement in development productivity and performance for developers working with AWS services in these languages. By providing idiomatic wrappers around AWS APIs, AWS aims to simplify the process of building and deploying applications that leverage the power and scalability of AWS services.

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