iOS 16.3: iCloud Backup bug is plaguing users

It’s becoming a routine for Apple to roll out buggy major iOS updates. Since iOS 15, the first releases are known for carrying a myriad of bugs. The latest iOS 16 was not an exception. The first update had a series of issues that affected the lives of many users that promptly installed the update […]

Android 13 QPR2 Beta 3.1 Update Released for Pixel Phones

What a week for Android updates if you have a Google Pixel phone. First, we had the monthly Android patch to start the week. Then we got Android 14 as a first developer preview. And now the folks in the Android 13 QPR2 beta program are seeing that love. Today, Google release Android 13 QPR2 […]

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra gets new BMW Special Edition

Samsung launched the Galaxy S23 series earlier this month. The devices were incremental upgrades over their predecessors, but these incremental upgrades were “quality-of-life” upgrades. For instance, the vanilla and Plus models brought bigger batteries. When it comes to the Galaxy S23 Ultra, was the most significant upgrade. Samsung keeps pushing this device as its true […]

OnePlus 11 Review: A Lot of Good, Still a Bit Off

OnePlus came out of the 2023 gate hot, with a new flagship phone release as early as ever in the OnePlus 11. This is the phone that will take them through most of 2023 as a replacement for last year’s OnePlus 10 Pro, even if that “Pro” branding has apparently been sunset for the time […]

TBT: Galaxy S23 Ultra Inbound? Insert Your S Pen Backwards Without Fear

The year is 2015 and Samsung hasn’t yet realized that if a human is given an opportunity to do something dumb, they’re gonna do it. In this case, I refer, of course, to the Galaxy Note 5 and the infamous S Pen debacle. If you weren’t there, this may sound crazy, but if you were […]

Google Bard AI provides false information and causes huge losses

Google’s ChatGPT rival Bard recently committed a critical error. The AI misrepresented the James Webb Telescope in front of the general audience. All generative AIs sadly have this problem. Google has just made Bard publicly available out of concern that ChatGPT, which is now a part of Microsoft Bing, may make it dominate the search […]

Portronics Hydra 10 RGB Wireless Mechanical Keyboard Launched In India

Portronics has expanded its range of keyboards in India. The homegrown brand has launched a new offering called Hydra 10. It is also the first wireless RGB mechanical gaming keyboard from Portronics. The accessory device also carries an affordable price tag. Read on to know more about it below.  The Portronics Hydra 10 is a […]

ASRock 4×4 Box-7000/D5 Mini PCs Announced With Ryzen 7000U Processors

The world of computing continues to evolve and shrink in size, as evidenced by the latest innovation from ASRock – the 4X4 BOX mini PC. This tiny powerhouse packs a punch with its compact design, yet boasts impressive specifications that rival even the larger desktop computers. The 4X4 BOX mini PC is designed for both […]