LG Display Partners with Apple to Bring Micro-LED to the Apple Watch

According to recent reports, Apple is planning to transition the Apple Watch from OLED to a new in-house Micro-LED display. While this move has been widely speculated, a display industry analyst has recently confirmed that the transition is indeed taking place. Here are the details… Apple Watch’s Transition to Micro-LED: What it Means for Consumers […]

UFS 4.0: Take a look at the next revolution in storage technology

A significant upgrade is due to the storage technology used in mobile phones. We are talking about UFS 4.0, a new iteration of universal flash storage (UFS) that promises to double the speeds provided by the generation it will replace. 2023 looks to be a pivotal year for the introduction of USF 4.0. Which will […]

Android 13 QPR2 Beta Update Offers More Control Over Lockscreen

Android 13 QPR2 Beta is preparing to offer users the ability to change the lockscreen shortcuts on Pixel phones. Currently, Pixel phones offer two lockscreen shortcuts that are locked to Google Wallet and Home. However, with Android 13 QPR2, it looks like users will soon be able to select other functionality for these shortcuts. So, […]

This Android smartphone got 7 years of updates

Most Android smartphone manufacturers typically stop supporting their products after two to three years, leaving them without system upgrades or security patches despite the fact that they are still more than capable of running the most recent versions of Android. We, therefore, like to learn that certain brands update their products for a much longer […]

Motorola ThinkPhone: price and availability date revealed

The new Motorola ThinkPhone, designed for the most professional audience, was one of the highlights of the most recent CES in Las Vegas. The device surprised us on the one hand and left us curious about its launch on the other because it is intriguing conceptually and provides business solutions. The ThinkBook range of laptops […]

Apple Folding Screen Smartphone Should Solve The Screen Cracking Issue

All the latest reports from market research firms prove that the market of folding screen smartphones will grow in the next few years. After this statement, we can make some conclusions. First, the tech is already mature, and many companies can use it. Second, we will see more and more brands bringing in such models. […]