Android Apps on Windows 11 Will Soon Be Available in 5 More Countries

One of Windows 11’s most anticipated features was the ability to run Android apps as native programs, without the use of an emulator or virtual machine. The capability is still in preview, but Microsoft is making it available in five more countries. Here are all the details. For the unversed, Windows 11 packs support for […]

Pixel Watch Sneaks Through the FCC With WiFi and LTE Models

For weeks leading up to the unveiling of the Google Pixel Watch, we watched Google’s FCC filings closely for new devices that might be evidence of their first watch. Those filings never came and it appears now that that’s because the Pixel Watch wasn’t filed under Google’s FCC ID. Instead, Compal Electronics has built and submitted […]

Here’s the Next Motorola Razr In Action, No Crease Spotted Yet

We got our eyes on Motorola’s upcoming Razr foldable earlier this month, but this week, we have a new GIF that showcases a person handling the device and showing off a little foldy-fold action. Posted by @evleaks, the person shows off the main display, unlocks it using the side-mounted fingerprint reader, closes the phone, then […]

Galaxy Watch 4 Gets First Ever One UI Beta Starting June 2

Samsung announced this week that the first ever beta for Galaxy Watch 4 owners will arrive on June 2, allowing owners to test an upcoming version of One UI software for Wear OS. Samsung doesn’t provide specifics on what’s inside just yet, but is allowing folks to get signed up for the beta via its […]

Google Chrome’s Lens Search Gives You the Goods Without Opening a New Tab

Using Google Lens within Google Chrome on a desktop is a great way to get more information about an image within a website. A simple right-click and then “Search Images with Google Lens” can get you a bunch of related information that used to be much more difficult to find. Starting today, Google Chrome will […]

Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion Now on Android!

Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion, the hit Steam title, is now out on Android and ready to teach you some lessons about paying what you owe. In the game, you play a little cute turnip who doesn’t pay his taxes. The adventure you go on is to pay your back taxes to an onion mayor. […]

Chrome will remove the Discover feed on Android

Google Chrome on Android will soon let the user choose to purely and simply delete the Discover cards that appear when opening a new tab. This new feature should arrive in a future update. When you open a new tab on Chrome Android version, you have a page displaying several elements: the Google logo, the […]

Android smartphones are targeted by spyware that spies on conversations

A malicious private surveillance firm sold access to nearly half a dozen major security holes in Chrome and Android last year to government-affiliated hackers, Google has revealed. According to Google’s Threat Analysis Group (TAG), at least eight governments around the world have purchased a set of 5 zero-day Android flaws from a company called Cytrox […]