YouTube Gets Dozens of New Features

This week, YouTube is introducing users to three dozen new features across the platform, ranging from cool things like AI-powered song searches with the help of your hum or kinda cool things like new animations when you subscribe to a channel. If you want to see the full list you’ll need to check out the blog post, but we will highlight the good stuff.

The big new improvements include the merge of the Library tab and account page into what’s now called the You tab. This is where you’ll find previously watched videos, playlists, downloads and purchases. Another cool addition is lock screen, which allows any mobile device owner to lock their screen while a video is playing for no unwanted touches and interruptions. This should be a decent option for when you hand the phone off to a child.

YouTube is also enabling a setting by default moving forward called stable volume. This setting will automatically ensure that headphone users don’t die when watching certain videos. If you know, you know.

Below you can watch a video on all of the new tweaks, but again, I recommend you read the blog post. There are lots of fun features inside.

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