Xiaomi SU7 shows impressive charging speeds: 10km range within 40s of charging

Xiaomi has recently unveiled its first electric vehicle, the Xiaomi SU7 in China. The car has shown amazing charging speed when tested with Huawei’s supercharging station. The car comes in three different versions, namely the SU7, SU7 Pro, and the SU7 Max. A user of the Xiaomi SU7 Max conducted the charging test at a Huawei supercharging station and shared the result on the internet.

Xiaomi SU7 Max tested at Huawei’s charging station

Xiaomi SU7 Max

The test shows that the power input to the car stabilizes at around 180kW. As a result, the car gains 10 kilometers of range in only 30 to 40 seconds.

According to the insights shown on the control screen, at 216km range the remaining charging time was only 26 minutes. At this point the power intake was 181kw, the charging voltage was 753V, and the SU7 Max was consuming enough energy to run one kilometer every 3 to 4 seconds.

According to some other tests, a 600kW charger can charge the SU7 Max from 0% to 99% in 47 minutes, with a maximum and average charging power of around 276kW and 140kW respectively.

For those wondering, yes, Xiaomi has also shared official data from their tests. The company notes that the SU7 Max can reach 220km and 510km of range within 5 minutes and 15 of charging respectively. It means 1.7 to 2.2 km of range per 3-4s of charging, which is higher than what the recent test with Huawei’s charging station shows.

Xiaomi officially stated that they have tested the Xiaomi SU7 with more than 2,000 different models of charging piles from different brands. Reportedly, the company also cooperated with third-party institutions to conduct charging tests and according to the result, the car is compatible with most of the options available.



Via: gizmochina.com

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