Upcoming AI Features of Google Pixel 8 and Google Devices

The Pixel 8 has started to officially ship to the customers who have pre-ordered them. And if you have got one, you might be amazed to see all the AI wizardry Google has packed into the devices. Well, the AI features will not be limited to those that are already present.

Google has teased new AI functionalities and features for the upcoming feature drops. Some of them are for the latest Google Pixel 8 devices, while some are for the Pixel Watch 2 and other Google devices. Let's take a closer look at each of them to better understand what Google has kept in store for future updates.

Summarize Feature for the On-Device Voice Transcription of Google Pixel 8 Pro

No matter what you say, sending voice recordings to texts is the most convenient way of sending replies. But for some, these voice recordings can be a little annoying. After all, you can quickly go through text, but voice recordings take time to listen. The Google Pixel 8 already has a transcription feature to make things easy.

But even so, the transcription of lengthy voice recordings is sometimes hard to read. That's why Google will be bringing a summary feature for the Pixel 8 Pro. The on-device LLM will power high-quality “Gboard Smart Replies.” Google says this feature will offer “better conversational awareness.”

Zoom Enhance on Google Pixel 8 Pro

The generative AI image model of the Pixel 8 Pro will make it easier to get more information from pictures. Named Zoom Enhance, this feature will intelligently fill in the gaps between pixels and predict fine details. This means you can get a better close-up view of a picture after capturing the image.

AI Enhance

Google says this feature won't just sharpen and enhance the image detail. In addition to that, it will make it easier to crop the things that you don't want in the captured images.

Call Screen on Google Pixel 8 Devices

The feature Call Screen on Pixel devices allows you to find out more about the incoming call before you pick it up. With the upcoming feature drop, Call Screen on Google Pixel devices will provide Contextual Replies. These will enable you to respond with on-screen chips.

Call Screen on Google Pixel devices

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For instance, if someone is calling to confirm an appointment, you can reply with “Cancel Appointment” or “Confirm.” Selecting the first option will make the AI Assistant say that you want to cancel the appointment.

call Screen on Pixel Watches

Call Screen will also be coming to the Google Pixel Watch and Watch 2. On the smartwatch, you will get the answer, decline, and overflow buttons. But you will need to keep the watch connected to a Tensor-powered smartphone.

Assistant With Bard

Google has been teasing Assistant with Bard for quite a while now. Although, the feature won't be just for Google Pixel devices. Google said it will be coming to iOS too. After it reveals the feature, it will be available for “select testers shortly.” Then, it will be available as an “opt-in experience in the next few months.”

Assistant with Bard

Fitbit Imagines

To get your workout and fitness game elevated, Google will bring out Fitbit Imagines. With generative AI, it will bring “personalized coaching, dynamic workout recommendations, and even more context and insight.

Google Fitbit Labs

Early next, Google will roll out the Fitbit Labs program. Google Pixel device owners will be getting “priority access” to the Fitbit Labs program and other Fitbit AI features.

Gen AI for Google Home App

Google Home app will get Gen AI to summarize home events. These summarizations will be presented in a “streamlined view of what happened recently.” You can also “Ask about your home” through voice commands. The experimental features will be coming to the subscribers next year.

Google Ai Features for Google Home

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