Tronsmart Bang Max Review – Portable Party Speaker Done Right!

The Breakdown

Outdoor Bluetooth speakers don’t need to be boring, and the Tronsmart Bang Max is a true example of that. With a powerful 3-way sound system, this portable party speaker can deliver 130 watts of powerful sound. And let’s not forget to mention that the sound output is full of details, with crisp mids, punchy bass, and clear treble.

Build quality


Sound performance


Battery life


Ease of use


Customization features


Value for the money


Great sound performance.
Excellent battery life.
Premium build.
Highly portable.
Easy to use.

No advanced codec support.
Only a few lighting customization options.

I’ve tried out a good number of speakers. From tiny speakers that can fit into your pocket to large-sized ones that can fill the room with sound, I listened to them all. One thing I’ve noticed about outdoor party speakers is that they either deliver great sound but fail to offer good value or are straight-up average. The Tronsmart Bang Max fits neither of these two descriptions.

The portable party speaker comes at a very competitive price tag, but its performance outshines some pricier Bluetooth speakers. But it’s not just about the audio performance. Tronsmart has nailed it in terms of the build quality, party-focused features, and personalization. Want to know what does the wireless speaker actually offer? You would want to keep on reading.

What’s Included in the Box?

  • Tronsmart Bang Max portable party speaker
  • Charging adapter
  • Aux cable
  • User manual

All the Great Things About the Tronsmart Bang Max Outdoor Speaker

There are a lot of things to love about the Tronsmart Bang Max. Let me walk you through the main highlights:

A Premium Build for the Money

Let’s get one thing out of the way. The Tronsmart Bang Max is more affordable than some of the other high-end portable party speakers in the market. If you asked me to name one, I would say that the closest premium competitor is the JBL PartyBox On-the-Go. But that resides in the sub $400 price tag.

The Bang Max, on the other hand, is in the sub-$250 range. But just because the outdoor speaker is affordable doesn’t mean that the build quality is sub-par. It’s actually the opposite. The speaker comes with a premium finish that makes it look high-end from all the corners. You can get a better idea of the build from the images I have attached below.

In addition, the portable speaker has an IPX6 rating, which is a step up from the JBL PartyBox On-the-Go. Of course, I would’ve loved to see it coming with an IPX7 rating instead. But that could’ve eventually raised the price tag, and IPX6 is more than good enough. It can survive rain, which is essential for a portable party speaker.

Waterproof speaker

Versatile Connectivity and Intuitive App Controls

Getting the Tronsmart Bang Max up and running is a piece of cake. You power it up, connect it with a Bluetooth-enabled device, and you’re ready for the party. Don’t want to connect wirelessly? You have multiple options! The wireless speaker has an AUX-in, USB, and a TF card slot. You can also connect microphones and guitar with the speaker.

Back ports

As for the app, it’s polished. All the options are laid out on the home page, making it easier to access them. The app also offers you access to different music presets. You can select one of the presets or customize your own EQ to get a personalized listening experience.

Of course, you don’t need to rely on the app to access the core features. The Tronsmart Bang Max has physical buttons, allowing you to quickly adjust the playback according to your preference.

Top buttons

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Excellent Sound Performance

As hinted earlier, the Tronsmart Bang Max is a true party monster, all thanks to the 3-way sound system. To be more specific, it can deliver 130 watts of powerful sound. That’s more than enough to get your room filled with audio. Now, before you ask, while it can deliver great bass, it doesn’t get distorted at the maximum volume.

Side view

But it’s not just the bass that makes the 3-way sound system of Bang Max stand out. I’ve noticed that it can deliver superb treble and detailed mid-range. Overall, the outdoor party speaker has a solid driver setup that can get you moving.

3-way driver setup of Bang Max

Want more? That’s where the TrueConn technology of the party speaker comes into play. It lets you connect two compatible speakers to get a proper stereo effect. You’re not limited to two, though. The tech allows you to connect more than 100+ speakers and get an ultimate party experience. I’ve tried it with the Tronsmart Halo 200, and it works like a charm.

Party-focused Features of Tronsmart Bang Max

The sound is just one element of a party, and Tronsmart knows that exactly well. That’s why the company has integrated multiple party-focused features in the Bang Max. For example, the portable speaker is fitted with beautiful RGB lights on the passive radiators on the side. You can customize the lighting and make the speaker bring life to your party. However, I noticed that there are fewer lighting effects than on the Tronsmart Halo 200 that I’ve previously reviewed.

Side lights

Reliable Battery Life of the Portable Party Speaker

Last but not least, the battery life of the Bang Max is dependable. Tronsmart says that the wireless speaker can deliver up to 24 hours of run time after a full charging session. If you keep the lights off and keep the volume at moderate, the playing time gets really close to that claim.

Battery life of Bang Max

But the Tronsmart Bang Max Does Have Room for Improvements

While the Tronsmart Bang Max does a lot of things right, there are some aspects where it lags a little behind. As I’ve mentioned earlier, there aren’t that many lighting effects available. You get only three, but the good part is that they are dynamic and sync with the music.

My next complaint is with the Bluetooth codec support. I noticed that it defaults to SBC. While that ensures maximum compatibility, I would’ve loved to see aptX on the Bang Max. But, yes, that integration could’ve increased the price tag of the wireless speaker.

Lastly, while IPX6 is definitely a welcome feature, things would’ve been much better with an IPX7 rating. That would’ve made the speaker capable of being submerged.

Final Thoughts on Tronsmart Bang Max Party Speaker

Overall, the Tronsmart Bang Max is a solid wireless party speaker. You get a lot for the money, especially when you compare it with other high-end competitors. But, if you’re not a fan of the cylindrical shape of the wireless speaker, check out the Tronsmart Halo 200.

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