The Mous Super Thin MagSafe Case for Pixel 8 Pro is Pretty Nice

After all these years, I’m still not a big user of cases because I don’t like the added bulk they bring to phones that are already too large, but every once in a while I find one that tempts me into slapping one on a phone for a while. The new Mous Super Thin case for the Pixel 8 Pro is one of those cases.

Officially called the Mous Super Thin Magnetic Case for Pixel 8 Pro, this case launched with the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro on day 1 and I ordered it almost immediately. Why? Because it has MagSafe built in. It was also supposed to be super thin, but really it came down to the fact that I could use it with MagSafe chargers and accessories.

Case Overview, Price, Materials: Before we get into why this case is worth sharing with you, here’s a quick rundown of what it offers. First off, it costs $44.99, so it’s not exactly cheap and I completely understand if you have now decided to exit this write-up. For those sticking around, the rest of the setup here is quite nice.

The Mous Super Thin for the Pixel 8 Pro (there’s a Pixel 8 version too) comes in Black or Steel Blue – I went blue because I bought a Pixel 8 Pro in blue or “Bay.” It is made of a polycarbonate using 75% recycled materials with a microfibre interior that uses 50% recycled materials.

It’s listed as “super thin,” although I wouldn’t consider this to be anywhere near the thinnest case I’ve used. Those cases from Peel or Totalee remain ridiculously thin, while this probably falls somewhere between those and a typical TPU case. It’s thin, don’t get me wrong, just not supppppper thin.

It has cutouts for buttons, which I appreciate, as so many cases with built-in button covers often don’t click or press the way you want. This case sits mostly flush with the buttons, but you can still get at them and trust they’ll click when you click them. Case folks, I hope that explanation makes sense.

And finally, you get a “magnetic array” inside of it that is the MagSafe portion and the reason you would consider spending this much for a case. This can be seen on the inside of the case as a circular ring that helps it attach to a MagSafe charger or other accessory, like one of those magnetic wallets. It opens it up to the world of iPhone accessories that are often so much better than Android’s.

A Quick Review: My general thoughts on this Mous Super Thin Magnetic Case for Pixel 8 Pro are that it is a very, very nice case. Yes, that price is high because Amazon made us believe that all cases should be $7.99, but if you need a high quality case with MagSafe that’s built with the approval of Google, this is the one.

The polycarbonate material on the outside is soft to the touch and can be a bit slippery depending on the state of your hand sweat. Grossness aside, what I’m getting at is that it can be both slippery and borderline sticky. It also just feels great to the touch, as if it were made by Google and not a third party. This is not a $7.99 case and you know it the minute you touch it.

It fits perfectly on the Pixel 8 Pro without adding much bulk. There are slits on the bottom to make it easier to get on and off too, which can be a battle with some of these super thin, super tight-fitting cases. It hugs the camera bar in the most pleasingly curved way, lets you access the real buttons at all times, and should offer some front glass and camera glass protection depending on how you set your phone down.

I’m not sure this case will offer the ultimate form of protection, but it’s not really supposed to. It should handle short drops and the day-to-day wear and tear you might put on your $1,000 Pixel 8 Pro, though, and that’s sort of the point. If you need more protection, Mous has other magnetic cases that run $65.

As for the MagSafe part – it’s great. The magnetic array here attaches firmly to the couple of MagSafe chargers I have in my house and then charges the Pixel 8 Pro wirelessly. It has allowed me to use these chargers at all times instead of having to change to my Pixel Stand or something else if I dive between an iPhone and Android phone here and there. It also holds onto magnetic wallets really well, at least the ones built for MagSafe. This really does bring MagSafe to the Pixel 8 line.

Mous Super Thing MagSafe Pixel 8 Pro Case

Should you buy one? Sure, why not. If you want a semi-thin case with MagSafe for your Pixel 8 or Pixel 8 Pro, this is an excellent option. Yes, you’ll pay more for this than most cases, but I’m telling you the quality is there and the MagSafe cost add-on makes it worth it. That said, there is a fresh world of MagSafe-equipped Pixel 8 Pro cases on Amazon, all of which that are around half the price of this. Many have excellent reviews as well (if you can trust them), so I’ll link to those below too.


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