Tesla Motors pushes version 2023.26.9 update

Today, Tesla Motors officially released a new update with version number 2023.26.9 for its cars. This update allows the car to beep when a traffic light turns green. According to Tesla Update, an official Tesla Twitter handle that reports on update, the 2023.26.9 update also includes navigation functions as well as upgrades to the headlights. Let us now take a look at the new update for Tesla cars and what users should expect from this update.

Upgrade content:

1. Green light prompt tone

  • When in traffic, the car can beep when the light turns green. The car will also beep if the car in front of it moves. To activate this feature, Click Control > Autopilot > Turn on the green light tone.

2. Optimization of online route planning

  • After turning on the “Online Route Planning” function in Control > Navigation, the vehicle can promptly analyze the current changes in the map road network and road conditions. With this, it will offer better routes and reduce detours and bad roads during driving.

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3. Voice recognition optimization

  • Supports concise and flexible expressions: such as “Air conditioner 24” and “Turn off/fold/close/fold rearview mirror”. The voice recognition function quickly identifies your needs.
  • Automatically determine navigation or media playback needs. You can identify navigation by simply saying the place name, such as “SK Building” instead of “Navigate to SK Building”. It also supports direct playback of the music you want to listen to, such as “play jazz”.

4. Automatic headlight function update

  • When using the car on rainy days, after enabling the wipers, the headlights will automatically light up to ensure driving safety. To turn on this feature, Click Control > Car Lights > Automatic.

5. Support Bluetooth game controller

  • The game controller can be directly connected to the car game via Bluetooth

6. Himalaya App update

  • Optimize the main page design;
  • Adds personalized recommendations;
  • Real-time synchronization of listening history between multiple devices with the same account.


The new update from Tesla Motors brings a lot of upgrades to the company’s cars. If you have a Tesla car, then you should check for the 2023.26.9 update for these features. According to the company, the update is rolling out to a wide range of car series. Thus, it will be a good idea to check for the update.

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