Spotify Brings Out the AI Playlist Feature You Knew Was Coming

Spotify is getting into AI this week through a new playlist tool that is rolling out in beta to start and only in select countries. Called “AI Playlist,” this new feature uses the power of AI to help bring you a playlist to meet the moment, no matter how you are feeling or what happens to be inspiring you in real-time.

The new AI Playlist will be available in beta to Spotify Premium users and only in the UK and Australia to start. Spotify did not say when US customers might get it. The only rollout related info they provided is a “coming months” improvement schedule, so who knows.

For those interested or want to know how this might work, Spotify shared that to best create an AI playlist, you’ll want to reference “places, animals, activities, movie characters, colors, and emojis.” To get the best results, combining “genres, moods, artists, or decades” will help do the trick. For now, you can’t get responses from non-music-related prompts, so nothing by referencing current events or specific brands. No eclipse playlists, it seems.

If you happen to live in the UK or Australia and see the update on Android or iOS, you’ll get started by opening your Library tab and then tapping the “+” icon in the top right. A new “AI Playlist” option should then appear at the bottom, which then opens up an AI prompt to get your description of the ultimate playlist it can cook up. The image above does a good job of showing that off.

As a US user, I cannot share how good or bad this is. Folks who read the DL from across our vast oceans, let us know.

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