Samsung’s Auto Blocker Protects From World’s Maliciousness

Samsung is detailing Auto Blocker this week, a new security-centric feature that will be available to owners of Galaxy devices running One UI 6 (aka Android 14). This is good timing as it’s now official that One UI 6 is rolling out to European owners and will soon arrive here in the US.

So, what’s Auto Blocker? It’s a combination of a few different features, all designed to keep you and your device more safe. For instance, one of the opt-in features is the prevention of app installations from unauthorized sources, otherwise known around these parts as sideloading. Most Android users know that this feature already exists on all Android phones, but Auto Blocker is hoping to bring a bit more attention to it with the uptick in social engineering scams where victims are getting malicious software installed onto their devices unsuspectingly.

And have you heard about those charging cables at airports? Yeah, apparently they can be evil. With Auto Blocker and its feature of blocking commands from USB cables, you’ll be able to charge your phone and not have to worry about all of your Bitcoin being syphoned. That’s how that works, right? Users can also enable a feature for running security checks, which will run to find any malicious activity hidden inside of new app installs.

Auto Blocker is available to all compatible Galaxy devices running One UI 6.

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