Samsung Slaps $1,200 Off Galaxy Z Fold 5 and Upgrades Storage

The savings never seem to quit from in the weeks (or months) following a big phone release. Their new Galaxy Z Fold 5 has had a couple of really great promos since launching in July, but I've got a new deal for you today that potentially tops them all. We are looking at up to $1,200 off plus a free storage upgrade. Oh, and if you want Galaxy Watch 6, you can add that on for $99.

Here's how to get this latest and greatest Galaxy Z Fold 5 deal.

$1,200 TRADE-IN: The big discount (as always) will come via trade-in. At the moment, Samsung is offering their best trade-in values to date with up to $1,200 instantly off a Fold 5.

To get that price, you'll need select phones and currently the Galaxy Z Fold 4 and iPhone 14 Pro Max will get you the full $1,200. If my tracking is correct, this is the biggest discount yet. That said, there are others with pumped up values for this special Samsung Discover deal. A Galaxy S23 Ultra will get you $1,000 off, the Fold 3 or S22 Ultra will get you $800 off, and even a Pixel 7 Pro will get you $600 off.

As a reminder, this trade-in discount is instant and comes off the price today. Samsung will just ask you to send in your trade later to confirm that you have the phone you said you had. It's the best trade-in program in the business.

FREE STORAGE UPGRADE: The Galaxy Z Fold 5 starts with 256GB of storage, but Samsung is once again doubling that to 512GB at no extra cost. That's a savings of $120 on top of your trade-in discount.

$99 WATCH 6 ADD-ON: Samsung likes to offer bundle deals to get you fully invested in their ecosystem and a great bundle is with the Galaxy Watch 6. By adding it onto your Fold 5 order, you can get it at $250 off, so for only $99. Pretty great bonus. There are other discounts you'll see during checkout for $230 off a Tab S9 and $180 off Galaxy Buds2 Pro too.

Above is a total savings if you have all the discounts applied. Yes, that reads $599 for a Galaxy Z Fold 5 with 512GB storage. You are saving $1,320 off this new foldable, which is kind of insane.

The link is below to get the best price we just talked you through.

Samsung Fold 5 Deal Link


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