Samsung Hits Galaxy Z Fold 5 With $1,000 Trade-in Again, Free Storage Upgrade

That wild time of dropping an extra 25% off the Galaxy Z Fold 5 if you shopped through their app has come to a close, but the electronics giant is still willing to give you a big discount as a last minute holiday deal shopper. Would you still take $1,000 off from a trade plus a free upgrade to 512GB storage?

This is probably the current best Galaxy Z Fold 5 deal, so let's run through how to take advantage.

$1,000 OFF TRADE-IN: Hey, have you heard that Samsung's trade-in program is awesome because it gives you an instant discount today that applies to your purchase today? Yeah, you have heard that because we talk about it constantly. It is the best way to get the lowest price on Samsung's top devices almost every day of the week.

For the Galaxy Z Fold 5 in this December deal during Samsung Discover week, we are looking at $1,000 off if you trade-in a Galaxy S23 Ultra, Fold 4, or Fold 3. An iPhone 14 Pro or 13 Pro Max would also get you the full $1,000. From there, several phones will get you $800 off, including the S23+, Fold 2, S21 Ultra, and S22 Ultra.

I swear the list of devices giving you these solid values is growing as we get to the end of the year. If you have something to trade and want a Fold 5, hit this link to see what kind of values you can get.

FREE STORAGE UPGRADE: To sweeten this deal, Samsung keeps offering a free storage upgrade from 256GB to 512GB on the Fold 5. That's a $120 value and absolutely one of the better perks you can find in a deal like this. Should you buy a device as expensive as the Fold 5, you likely plan to hang onto it for a while and so the more storage you can get, the better.

$1,120 OFF TOTAL: With the combined $1,000 off and the $120 storage upgrade, you are looking at a possible discount on the Galaxy Fold 5 of $1,120. That would bring the price you pay today down to $799. That's a good deal, even if we can't blame you for being mad about missing that 25% off special.

Samsung Deal Link


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