Samsung Aims to Extend Android Smartphone Updates

The improvement of software support for smartphones has been a significant focus for manufacturers in recent years. One standout example is , the market leader, which has consistently excelled in this aspect.

However, has emerged as the current champion in official software updates, surprising the world with its promise of up to 7 years of operating system and security updates for the Pixel 8. This has motivated Samsung to show interest in extending its already commendable official update policy.

Samsung Wants Longer Software Support for Android Phones

Samsung's goal is to increase the duration of official support for its mobile devices, thereby matching Google's strong competition. , as well as other manufacturers, also prioritize this objective.

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Currently, Samsung and Xiaomi provide up to five years of security updates and up to four years of Android OS updates. They achieve this by updating their respective interfaces, One UI and MIUI.

The game changed when Google announced that the Pixel 8 would receive updates for 7 years, including both security and OS updates. This announcement sent shockwaves through the market, challenging major manufacturers to surpass themselves in this crucial aspect.

In just a few years, Android manufacturers have not only caught up to 's average number of updates for the iPhone but have even exceeded it in some cases. Samsung reaffirms its commitment to official software updates for its mobile devices.

This information comes from Shin-Chul Baik, the principal engineer and technical program manager of the security team in Samsung's Mobile eXperience division. The details were revealed during an interview at the Samsung Developers Conference 2023 in San Francisco.

Samsung is considering extending its update program for Android smartphones beyond five years. While the exact number of Android updates is yet to be confirmed, the intention is clear.

Currently, Google leads the pack with 7 years of updates, followed by Apple with 6 years. Fairphone secures the third spot with 5 years, while Samsung, , , and Xiaomi guarantee 4 years of updates.

and Nothing currently offer 3 years of guaranteed updates, with Sony providing 2 years of official support. Given this landscape, it is likely that Samsung will strive to at least match Google's example.

Consumers of Samsung's mobile devices with the One UI interface eagerly anticipate a final decision from the company regarding support and official updates. This enhancement will greatly benefit them.

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