Rokid Launches AR Studio Suite: Featuring Max Pro Glasses and Station Pro Set

Rokid has unveiled its latest AR spatial computing suite, the Rokid AR Studio, during a new product launch event. This cutting-edge suite comprises the Rokid Max Pro AR glasses and the Rokid Station Pro computing mainframe.

Rokid Max Pro Glasses specs:

Rokid AR Studio

The Max Pro glasses, priced at 4999 yuan ($685), are impressively lightweight at 76 grams and offer a 90Hz screen refresh rate. They feature an enhanced 9-axis IMU gravity sensor and support 6DOF, enabling head-controlled interactions. With a 50-degree field of view, users can experience a projection equivalent to a 215-inch screen from 6 meters away.

Rokid Max Pro Glasses

The AR glasses also boast a brightness of 500 nits and a 100,000:1 contrast ratio, meeting TUV Rheinland's eye comfort standards. Voice control is facilitated through a built-in dual linear noise-canceling microphone.

Rokid Station Pro specs:

On the other hand, the Station Pro mainframe, retailing at 3999 yuan ($548), houses the powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2+ Gen1 processor. Accompanied by 12GB LPDDR5 RAM and 128GB of storage, this mainframe ensures smooth operation. It features a 48MP Sony IMX586 rear camera with a 115-degree field of view and autofocus capability. With a 7620mAh battery, the mainframe also supports NFC and Wi-Fi 6 technology and contains a 9-axis IMU sensor. The device runs on the YodaOS Master operating system and includes physical buttons for navigation.

Rokid Station Pro

One of the standout features of the Rokid AR Studio is its controller-free operation. Users can interact with the system through the glasses, gestures, or voice, eliminating the need for additional hardware. The studio offers two primary display modes: spatial multi-screen and spatial giant screen, delivering visuals with an expansive 32:9 aspect ratio.

Rokid's CEO, Mingming Zhu, envisions spatial computing seamlessly integrating into everyday life and professional tasks. Augmented reality device development saw impressive growth in 2023, with a significant surge in sales. Rokid stands among the top three brands in the Chinese online AR market, alongside Leyan Innovations and XREAL.

Rokid AR Studio Suite

The primary uses for AR currently include entertainment, office tasks, and . Interestingly, 70% of new electric vehicle brands are incorporating Rokid's in-car entertainment solutions.

According to analysts, the AR market is poised for further expansion, especially with new product launches and promotional events. Predictions for 2023 indicate that sales of consumer-level AR devices in China could reach up to 250,000 units, marking a growth of up to 150% year-on-year.




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