Report: Where’s Android 14? Delayed to October

Many fans were looking forward to today being the official launch day for Android 14. Unfortunately, it's looking like its release has been delayed, to the surprise of not just Android users, but even OEMs (Android device manufacturers).

According to Mishaal Rahman on Twitter who spoke to a source, the source code release of Android 14 has been delayed to next month. It's noted that vulnerabilities detailed in the latest security release notes will be published on October 4, meaning that could be our new day.

Is it a coincidence that October 4 is also the Pixel 8's unveiling date? It seems unlikely and for the first time in Android history, we may have an AOSP release happen on the same day as a Pixel device launch.

For everyone who was refreshing websites and tapping the software update button on your Pixel phone, you can go ahead and stop that today. We'll report as we learn more.

// @MishaalRahman


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