Pixel Watch 2 Gets Its Factory Images Too, Codenames “Eos” and “Aurora” Confirmed

Like the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro yesterday, the newly launched Pixel Watch 2 has received its first factory images (and OTA files). While we can't really do anything with these files, because requires a special adapter in order to flash them, they are useful in that they show each month's update for Google's watches.

If there is one bit of new information out of this drop, it's the confirmation of the codenames for the Pixel Watch 2 models. Previously rumored to be “eos” and “aurora,” the factory image pages show that those were indeed correct. The Pixel Watch 2 LTE is “eos” and the Pixel Watch 2 Bluetooth/WiFi is “aurora.”

There are few builds available depending on region, and we have listed those below. Oddly, my Pixel Watch 2 LTE review unit is running TWD9.231005.005.A2, which isn't listed. I'm not even going to try to guess why that is.

Pixel Watch 2 LTE

  • TWD6.230602.040, Oct 2023
  • TWD6.230602.040.A1, Oct 2023, APAC/EMEA
  • TWD9.231005.005.B1, Oct 2023

Pixel Watch 2 Bluetooth/WiFi

  • TWD6.230602.036, Oct 2023
  • TWD9.231005.005.B1, Oct 2023

Download Link: Pixel Watch 2 Factory Images

Via: droid-life.com

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