Pixel 7a Keeps Its $374 Price That’s Almost Too Good

The crazy 25% off deal for the Google Pixel 7a that started last week has continued through this weekend. At that discount, you could own a Pixel 7a, which is genuinely an excellent mid-range phone with few flaws, for $374. Best deal in smartphones at the moment? Maybe!

This Pixel 7a deal is the best: When I reviewed the Pixel 7a back in May, I noted its excellent camera, new fast 90Hz display, wireless charging, and solid performance with its Tensor G2 chip as reasons to buy one. The only items that I called out as not being great were battery life and the price. The battery life could be a user thing, meaning the way you use a 7a could lead to better battery life. For the price, its original $499 price is a bit high for what you get.

And that’s why this deal is the best Pixel 7a deal yet. Not only does it knock a whoppin’ $125 off the phone, it takes the phone from being questionably priced to one you should jump on before it’s too late. This is a deal worth taking.

Before doing so, because you may still want to know more about the Pixel 7a, I’d suggest reading through our review. We dive into it all and show off the blue or “Sea” color you are seeing at the top of the post.

Amazon is selling the Pixel 7a Charcoal (black), Snow (white), or Sea (blue) at this discounted price. Depending on where you live, you could have one the same day or by tomorrow.

Amazon Deal Link

NOTE: If you don’t want to support Amazon, I’ll also point out that the Google Store has the same discount, with the special Coral color discounted.

Via: droid-life.com

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