Pix Wallpapers App Should be Downloaded

Pix Wallpapers, a wallpaper app heavily inspired by the Pixel wallpaper offerings produced by , is a must have app for all devices. I pretty much say this about all wallpaper apps because I can never have enough options myself, but if you especially like the Pixel aesthetic, there are bound to be a ton of fresh wallpapers in here that you will enjoy.

Inside of the app, wallpapers are categorized, with a few of the categories including Flowers, Moving (some really cool ones in there), Shape, Nature, Stones, as well as categories for the most popular Android OEMs. I can't count manually how many papers there are inside of the app, but it's for sure hundreds.

Most importantly, it's free to download and there are no ads. Props to this developer, but if you'd really like to tip your cap for their generosity, there's a donate section inside of the app where you can send them $1, $3, or $10. Your donation gets ran as an in-app purchase, so if you have some Google Play credit, show some love.

Now go that freshness and show us your current setup down below.

Google Play Link

Via: droid-life.com

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