Own Android History: Bid on OG Motorola DROID Prototype Device

Over on eBay, Android enthusiasts have a chance to bid on a piece of certified Android history. For many, including Android bloggers like me, the Motorola DROID, aka the “OG DROID,” was the first piece of Android tech they ever got in their hands. I can honestly say this phone changed my life considerably, so from a nostalgia aspect, this prototype device is definitely special.

According to the seller, it’s basically a non working paperweight and doesn’t come with a battery, but it does power on (if you have your own battery) and users can relive the majesty of the 4MP rear camera, 256MB storage, and view the development apps preloaded on the device. You can see on the bottom of the device where it states, “Confidential Motorola Restricted Property: Not For Sale.”

Currently listed at $900, I have no idea what this device could/should be worth. As a piece of Android history, I suppose it could be priceless to the right person. As a piece of technology, one that doesn’t even come with a battery and is described as not working, it might be worth about $20?

Feel free to make the seller an offer, if interested.

eBay Link

Cheers Jared!

Via: droid-life.com

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