Oppo Is Doubling Down on Generative AI To Gain an Edge in the Market

AI features can make a phone completely different. Take the recently released Pixel 8 series, for example. It doesn't have the latest and greatest hardware. However, Google has packed it with AI features, which makes it better than the current flagships in most aspects. And plans to do something similar with its future phones.

Oppo is ramping up its overall investment in AI. The decision comes in the form of an ambitious bid to bring the power of LLMs directly to smartphones. But the Chinese giant plans to only work with its own homegrown language model. That's the AndesGPT.

By running the large language model locally, Oppo wants to make AI chat features more responsive and reliable.

Oppo Wants to Make Its Phones Understand the Customers Better

The head of Oppo Research Institute, Jason Liao, is all-in on the idea. In a recent media briefing held in Singapore, he confirmed the company's enthusiasm for the plan. He also explained how the integration could reshape the smartphone experience.

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However, Oppo has a big challenge ahead. Locally running AI services on smartphones is not an easy task. The team at the research institute needs to do a lot to figure out how to make the integration feel seamless. Of course, the researchers also have to do a lot of groundwork on configuring the phones with enough computing muscles to run the model.

Nonetheless, the move towards localized AI is a pivotal decision for Oppo. With it, the brand will set itself apart in a market that's full of fierce competitors such as , , , and Xiaomi. These competitors are all in their own AI journeys.

Oppo Find N3 Flip

And it's worth noting that the vision of Oppo doesn't just include an AI chatbot. Additionally, the brand wants to delve into computer vision tech. Through this, the brand wants to bring out phones that see and understand the world around you. And with this, its smartphones will eventually understand the consumers better.

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