OnePlus Open Now Up for Purchase at $1699

OnePlus Open, the brand’s first foldable, is now officially up for purchase via OnePlus’ own website, Amazon, and Best Buy at a price of $1699.

Just last week Kellen published our full review of OnePlus Open, and maybe to the surprise of a few people, he really liked it. He gave high remarks to the displays, Hasselblad-branded camera system, and the software. Naturally, his only real issue was with the size, but that’s the territory you get into with this type of device.

Now, if the Open is your next, take note that each retailer has its own deal with the device. Best Buy is offering a $300 activation offer and up to $800 for your trade-in, Amazon is handing out $200 gift cards with purchase, and OnePlus is granting an instant $200 off for any trade-in in any condition. They also offer 15% off to students, so sign yourself up at community college and get those savings.

Follow the links below to get your very own OnePlus Open. We think you won’t regret it.

Buy OnePlus Open


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