OnePlus is Adopting Google’s Gemini, Plans 100 New AI Features

When OnePlus announced earlier this month that they were bringing AI to a bunch of devices, I was surprised to not see Google’s Gemini mentioned. Knowing that Google is leading the charge when it comes to AI on mobile (look at the Galaxy S24 series), I figured they were behind OnePlus’ AI future. As it turns out, they are.

Today, OnePlus (and OPPO) announced that they are partnering with Google Cloud to “utilize Google’s powerful Gemini models.” In other words, Google’s Gemini is going to help bring all of the AI that OnePlus and OPPO fans could ask for.

Like with all AI announcements, the entire conversation is vague and speaks heavily on future advancements. Since no one really has any grasp for what AI is going to do, other than edit your photos and do more translations, it’s all about promises. It actually reminds me a lot of 5G and its possibilities, many of which never happened. AI could be different. Anyways.

OPPO and OnePlus think AI in phones can work in 4 key ways: efficient computing, perception of the real-world, self-learning, and creativity. They believe that will lead to “new perceptual, interactive, and intelligent capabilities” that could reshape your entire mobile experience. See, big and vague statements on what may or may not happen in the future.

OnePlus and OPPO did say that over the next 3-5 years, they think they’ll develop 100 new features based on AI tech. That seems like a stretch, but hey, it could happen. As long as we aren’t just rebranding everything under an AI blanket, I’m curious what these features may be. For now, it sounds like they’ll start by utilizing whatever Google has created, like news article summaries, audio content organization, and creative social media content (like fake AI images).

And good morning to all, from your local AI skeptic.


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