Official prices for the components of the Huawei Mate 60 / 60 Pro released

Yesterday, officially released the Huawei Mate 60 series which has two models, the Mate 60 and Mate 60 Pro. These devices are the latest flagship mobile phones from Huawei and they are already on the shelf. Today, the company released the official price list of the major parts of this device. For those who hope to own any of these devices, it may be very important to know the official price of the parts. This way, you can know the most expensive part and make an effort to protect it from getting bad. The repair and spare parts prices for these two devices are as follows

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Huawei Mate 60 official spare parts price:

  • Screen: 1,799 yuan ($248) but the promo price is 1,199 yuan ($165) (the original part will be recycled free of charge)
  • Battery: 219 yuan ($30)
  • Motherboard: 2999 yuan ($413)
  • Back case: 899 yuan ($124)
  • Telephoto lens: 255 yuan ($35)
  • Wide-angle lens: 265 yuan ($36)
  • Rear main camera lens: 598 yuan ($82)
  • Front camera: 270 yuan ($37)
  • Adapter: 168 yuan ($23)
  • Data cable: 59 yuan ($8)
  • Cato: 12 yuan ($2)

Huawei Mate 60 Pro official spare parts price:

  • Screen: 1,999 yuan ($275) but the promo price is 1,399 yuan ($193) (the original part will be recycled free of charge)
  • Battery 249 yuan ($34)
  • Motherboard 3499 yuan ($482)
  • Back shell 1099 yuan ($151)
  • Telephoto lens 845 yuan ($116)
  • Rear main camera lens 698 yuan ($96)
  • Wide-angle lens 265 yuan ($36)
  • TOF deep-sensing lens 244 yuan ($34)
  • Front camera 270 yuan ($37)
  • Adapter 199 yuan ($27)
  • Data cable 59 yuan ($8)
  • Cato 12 yuan ($2)

According to Huawei, the above prices (excluding accessories) are recommended repair prices, including labour costs. Accessories are only for accessories, with no additional labour charges. The non-warranty maintenance fee is the price of repair spare parts + labour fee. Among them, the labour fee for repair and cleaning maintenance services without disassembly is 50 yuan.


We can see from the official spare part price list, that the motherboard of both mobile phones is the most expensive. Thankfully, the motherboard is inside the phone and inaccessible, thus it is quite safe. However, the second most expensive part of this device is the screen which costs between $165 and $275 depending on the model. Thus, it is advisable to use a screen protector to ensure that the display is safe.

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