Nothing to Announce Nothing Ear and Ear (a) Earbuds

Nothing announced their first product back in July of 2021, if you can believe that. It has been 3 years since Nothing started this journey and began rolling out consumer hardware, the first of which was the Nothing Ear (1) earbuds. Unique by design, thanks to a clear case and partial-clear earbuds, the Nothing Ear (1) was a tease of what was to come from the London-based company.

Later this month (April 18), Nothing plans to dive back into audio with two new sets of earbuds, the Nothing Ear and Nothing Ear (a).

In a post shared to their community forum, Nothing says these new earbuds will be their “most impressive audio product offering yet.” It seems the goal is to offer some choice, which is probably better explained as two price points.

The Nothing Ear will be the higher-end model that is “designed for meticulous audiophiles,” while Nothing Ear (a) is a set of “the perfect everyday buds.” Nothing describes these two products without actually describing them in the most tiresome way, but the takeaway is supposed to be that numbering products is too complex and that’s why they are stripping them away. Instead, we just get plain, straight-up product names that they’ll likely have to go away from when the next version arrives in another year.

Anyway, April 18 is the date to find out all there is to find out about Nothing’s new earbuds. There will be a YouTube stream here.


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