Motorola Taking Foldable Displays to Next Level With Flexible Hardware

This week at Lenovo's Tech World ‘23, introduced its Adaptive Smartphone Concept, an -powered device that features flexible hardware. Could this be the next step in the foldable hardware evolution?

Building on Motorola's existing work in the foldable and rollable device space, this concept phone features a 6.9-inch FHD+ pOLED display that can be bent and shaped into varying forms. When used in an upright position, shown below, you have 4.6-inches of usable display running a “more compact form of full Android.”

Motorola even showcases the ability to fully wrap the device around your wrist which then toggles a user experience similar to the one found on the external display of the Razr+ smartphone. If it stays well wrapped, I imagine this could be very nifty when hitting the running trails.

Given the conceptual nature of the device, there's no guarantee we'll ever see this hit the market, but dang it, it's still awesome. Whether you think it practical or not, companies need to show that innovation and creativity is happening. Personally, I think this looks very cool.


// Motorola


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