Massive leak reveals more about Insomniac’s Wolverine games

Insomniac Games, the studio behind the popular Marvel's Spider-Man games, was recently affected by a massive cyber attack. A ransomware group managed to hack into their system and gain access to a ton of details, which revealed details regarding its upcoming Marvel's Wolverine game. Now, more details about the new superhero title have been leaked.

Marvel's Wolverine Leak Gameplay & Mechanics Leaked

An earlier report from CyberDaily revealed that the hacker group Rhysida managed to get away with sensitive information regarding the current and former employees and even shared a screenshot of the upcoming Wolverine game. A fresh report from the same cybersecurity news website stated that the group announced an auction price for this data. This auction was set to start at 50 bitcoins (roughly 2 million US Dollars) along with a seven day deadline to pay.

The report adds that a total of 1.67TB of data that includes over 1.3 million files. Out of this, Rhysdia shared a bunch of details regarding the Wolverine game, which includes gameplay footage as well as level design and mechanics. Details of unreleased Insomniac and Sony games, screenshots of internal spreadsheets, and development and marketing budget details were also revealed. The videos are already circulating X (formerly Twitter) and showcases the iconic superhero using his powerful sense of smell to locate objectives.

Wolverine was officially announced a while back via a short trailer. The game is the first title in a trilogy, with the second and third entries being planned for a late 2029 and 2033 launch. Sony has yet to officially comment regarding this massive leak as of right now. Although, it previously stated that an internal investigation is being conducted. The company believes that no other Sony Interactive Entertainment division was affected by this attack.



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