Is Anyone Using Pixel 8 Pro’s Temperature Sensor?

Pixel 8 Pro launched with a brand new temperature sensor, perfect for checking that cup of tea, pan you're about to throw a slab of beef on, and essentially any other surface that you're able to get the device within 2 inches of.

At launch, can't highlight the ability to check the temperature of a human, as the FDA application to check and record it into Fitbit has yet to be approved. I feel as if that business should have been handled ahead of launch. Technically that lack of FDA approval doesn't stop you from using it on humans and I've found that it works relatively fine. It won't beat the accuracy of my trusty ol' rectal thermometer, but it's certainly more convenient.

My question to all Pixel 8 Pro owners is: Are you using this new sensor? If so, what on? I've used it only a handful of times just to test it, but I have yet to come across an everyday situation where I think, “Oh, thank goodness my phone has a built-in temperature sensor.”

So, are you using it?


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