iPhone 15 Pro Max takes top spot in DXOMARK selfie ranking

The iPhone 15 Pro Max is taking the selfie game to a whole new level, surpassing not only its predecessors but also every competitor out there. DxOMark's latest assessment leaves no room for doubt – this phone's front-facing camera is in a league of its own.

In our iPhone 15 Pro Max review, DXOMARK's in-depth analysis of the selfie camera reveals the striking superiority of this device. While sharing many similarities with its predecessor, the iPhone 14 Pro Max – such as a 12-megapixel front camera with an f/1.9 aperture, a 1/3.6-inch sensor, autofocus, and optical stabilization – the iPhone 15 Pro Max outshines them all.

iPhone 15 Pro Max is the new DxOMark Selfie Champion

The secret behind this marvel lies in the A17 Pro's image signal processor (ISP). This chip optimizes image processing, delivering exceptional visual quality. It's the magic wand that makes the iPhone 15 Pro Max stand out.

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With a score of 149 points from DxOMark, the 15 Pro Max takes its rightful place at the pinnacle of the smartphone camera hierarchy. It offers impeccable exposure, swift and precise autofocus, a wide dynamic range, and outstanding detail reproduction in well-lit conditions. Plus, its video stabilization ensures steady footage, even on the move.

But, as with any piece of technology, there are some caveats to consider. Despite its small sensor size, which enhances depth of field, it can introduce visible noise, even in ideal lighting conditions. Color inaccuracies and fluctuations in sharpness may also crop up in videos.

Moreover, in portrait mode, the Face ID plugin delivers an accurate depth calculation, creating a natural background blur effect. However, it faces challenges when rendering intricate details like hair, making the effect appear somewhat artificial when scrutinized closely.

In sum, the 15 Pro Max is a great for selfies, offering an extraordinary selfie experience with minor imperfections. Its cutting-edge technology propels it to the forefront of the selfie camera competition, leaving the rest of the pack behind. Get ready to take your selfie game to new heights with this exceptional device.


  • Accurate exposure and wide dynamic range for photos and videos
  • Reliable and fast autofocus with a wide depth of field
  • High levels of detail in bright light for photos and videos
  • Effective stabilization when holding the device still and when moving while recording
  • Very accurate subject isolation in bokeh mode


  • Noise across all shooting conditions
  • Occasional color quantization artifacts in photos and videos
  • Occasional sharpness differences between frames when recording video while walking
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