How’s the Pixel April Update Treating You?

The latest April Pixel update has been out for a cool 8 days now and we thought we should check in with everyone to see how it’s treating you. We’re partly curious to make sure nothing bad has happened since you received the update, but we’ve also heard from some who haven’t seen the update yet, plus there are several threads pointing out issues that remain following the big March update.

Recapping for a minute, the April update rolled out starting April 2 as build AP1A.240405.002 for almost all Pixel devices from the Pixel 5a up through the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro. The Pixel Fold was the only device with a different build of AP1A.240405.002.A1. Google released those builds with no notes, meaning they didn’t specify a carrier and so we assumed it was a global build for all. We know for sure that Verizon’s line-up received this build.

That said, if you look back at our April update write-up and dive into the comments, a number of users on AT&T have said they still have not received the update. A friend of ours says their Pixel 7 Pro and Pixel 8 Pro, one with no SIM and the other with AT&T, have not received the update either. Our Pixel phones are all running beta or preview builds, so I’m unfortunately not able to check ours.

As far as the issues go, the April Pixel update should have been a minor update with a few bug fixes sprinkled in. However, because the March update was a quarterly update and Feature Drop, it seems that it may have introduced new bugs that some users claim haven’t been fixed even with the April update.

This growing reddit thread talks about calls and texts failing on Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro devices since the March update and that the April update didn’t fix the problem. Responses to it acknowledge the problems with calling on the Pixel 7 line-up, and we’ve seen AT&T and Verizon both mentioned. There’s also a massive Google support thread from March that gets new complaints by the hour about broken calling, and Google has not really responded to it as far as we can tell.

There are also complaints of performance hits, buggy UI elements, keyboard freezes, etc. Honestly, the more you look into the March/April updates, the more it looks like we need to fast forward to June, where the next quarterly update will drop and hopefully take care of issues. These are serious issues.

So let us know – how has the April (and March) update been treating your Pixel phone?


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