Here’s Where to Find Verizon and AT&T Broadband Facts

By April 10, the FCC asked all broadband providers in the US to list broadband facts or labels on their sites that provide easy-to-digest information about their wired and wireless plans. These labels would be used like the nutrition labels on food are, in a way that lets you know the straight-forward details without having to go digging.

T-Mobile made a big announcement last week to let customers know that their “broadband facts” were presented on plan pages and should be easy for everyone to find. I can confirm that their broadband labels are indeed on plan pages and are easy to spot. After opening their unlimited data plans page, a simple click on each plan’s dedicated “Broadband Facts” box expands into a lengthy list of plan pricing, features, data speeds, etc. They are super handy.

For Verizon and AT&T, I’ve been looking off and on for the past week to see if their broadband facts would land on plan pages, which I’d imagine is where the FCC would like them to be placed. As far as I can (still) tell, they are not there. Looking through the overview from the FCC on the new labels (here),  they don’t specify that they want providers to list them on plan pages, only that each plan has a broadband label somewhere online or at point of sale. So of course, I struggled to find them.

Verizon’s Broadband Facts for both consumer and business plans can be found here.

AT&T’s Broadband Facts for wireless and wireline plans can be found here.

ATT Broadband Facts

Each of those sites will ask you to enter an address to get the plans and facts that are available to you. Like T-Mobile’s labels, they provide price for a single line, the charges and fees that will be added to your bill, discounts if you add multiple lines, and speeds depending on network type.


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