Google’s Find My Device Network Launches Next Week

At last year’s Google I/O, the company announced a new and improved Find My Device network, one powered by the world of Android devices. It’s an extremely powerful tool that many people seem very excited about, but one that has also been slightly delayed. Well, nearly a year after the announcement, it appears that Google has set the date.

In a message hitting select user inboxes, Google specifically notes that the network will be turned on in just three days, technically making its launch April 7 (Sunday). However, we’re all assuming it will take place on Monday, April 8.

A link included in the email that went out to users allows users to opt out of the network capabilities early. Sadly, this link appears to be account-based, as the above image is all that I was met with. Nothing special to be seen yet.

One of the big advantages of the latest Find My Device network will be the support for finding powered down devices, though, they’ll need to support the hardware required. We believe the Pixel 9 will launch with this feature, but it should also come to older Pixel devices as well once they are all running Android 15.

If you’re one of the people who has been waiting for this new network, it looks like we’re merely days away. Get excited.

// 9to5Google


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