Google Will Use AI to Help EV Owners Find Chargers

Unlike a Shell or Chevron station, EV charging spots can sometimes be tricky to find. They can be situated in hotel parking lots in the sub basement of a garage or even tucked behind restaurants where you definitely wouldn’t want to order the chicken strips. Point is, Google Maps wants to make finding these chargers more easily, and soon, it will utilize AI to do just that.

Google announced this week that in the coming months, it will use AI to comb public reviews to help pinpoint exactly where our country’s EV charging stations are. You can see an example of this in the header above, but it states, “Enter the underground parking lot and follow the signs towards the exit. Just before exiting, turn right.” This information was drafted by AI using an actual person’s review, which in a lot of cases, is necessary for the location of these chargers.

Google also says that to help make these more useful, reviews about EV charging locations now prompt the reviewer for additional details about the experience, such as what type of plug was used and how long the wait was. Every EV owner knows how incredibly valuable that information can be in certain circumstances.

Google has other EV-focused changes planned in the coming months, all of which you can read about by following the link below.

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