Google TV Creates Holiday Movie Advent Calendar

Need some new ideas for holiday movies this month? TV has kicked off an advent calendar of flicks to help you decide and maybe introduce you to something you haven't seen before.

Through the main Google TV page, Google will showcase a new movie each day with a countdown leading up to Christmas. The banner with the countdown gives hints at what the movie might before before you click on it to reveal. For example, in the image below, the clue is “Keep the change, ya filthy animal,” which we all know means Home Alone is movie #1.

Since we are on the 4th day of December, you may have missed the first few movies. So yeah, you should probably get to checking each day to find something to watch, whether old or new to you.

Anyone got a favorite holiday movie? We're going through all that we can think of at the moment with my son. We've watched all of the Home Alone titles (even the weird straight-to-streaming ones), various Grinch movies, etc. He's too young for Die Hard, unfortunately.


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