Google Podcasts is Officially Done

The time has come – Google Podcasts is no more and you need to find an alternative or just use YouTube Music.

This happened quickly, but Google did announce back in September of last year that they would kill off Google Podcasts and push users of it to YouTube Music for podcasting needs. They then told us in December that we had until April 2024, and well, here we are.

Users of Google Podcasts should have noticed this morning a big message upon opening the app that reads, “Google Podcasts is no longer available.” The page continues by saying, “Transfer your podcast subscriptions to YouTube Music or export them for the service of your choice before Google Podcasts goes away on July 30, 2024.”

Below that message sits an “Export subscriptions” button and “Learn more” link to help you transition to a different podcast service. If you choose YouTube Music during that process, you’ll get an in-app redirect to YouTube Music that lets you easily bring everything over with a click or two. If you choose the “another app” route, you’ll simply download an OPML file that you can then import to the other podcast service.

Again, Google Podcasts is now done. Google’s description of it going away in July 30, 2024 just means that your data will be gone then. You can no longer use Google Podcasts as of today.

Add it to the list. RIP, Google Podcasts.


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