Google Chrome to get native “Read Aloud” feature in Canary build

Chrome is one of the feature-rich browsers out there. It is always adding new features, but it doesn't yet have the ability to read aloud online articles like Edge does. However, a new option has been spotted in Chrome Canary that would allow the browser to read aloud articles on the web.

A Twitter user named @Leopeva64 shared a video on Twitter showing a new “read aloud” feature in Chrome Canary. The feature adds a small “Play” button next to articles, which users can click on to have the browser read the article aloud. The voice sounds robotic, but it is still a useful feature for people who prefer to listen to content instead of reading it.

Moreover, Chrome Unboxed recently spotted the “Read Aloud” feature in the version of Chrome Canary. To use it, you'll need to download Chrome Canary from the Google Play Store and enable the “Read Aloud” flag in chrome://flags. Once enabled, you can highlight any text on a web page and tap the three-dot menu icon to select the “Read Aloud” option.

There is already a “Read Aloud” extension available for desktop Chrome, and Google Assistant has a “Read It” feature on Android as well. However, these are both third-party solutions. So it's worth waiting for Google to introduce a native read-aloud feature in Chrome.




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