Global Tablet Market Declines In Q3, 2023, Apple Leads The Segment

The global tablet market has declined in the third quarter of this year compared to the same period last year. This is during the period between July to September. As per International Data Corporation (IDC), manufacturers shipped 33.2 million units which is a 14.2 percent decline year-on-year basis. However, the tablet market recovered from a 29.9 percent fall in shipments from the previous quarter i.e. Q2. Chromebooks also continued their negative growth in Q3, 2023. 

Tablet market declines in Q3, 2023

Apple continues to lead the tablet market globally. The company shipped 12.5 million units and captured 37.5 percent market share in Q3. South Korean major Samsung was second with 6 million shipments and 18 percent share. Lenovo and Huawei bagged the third and fourth spots with a 7.9 and 6.8 percent share of the tablet market respectively. Amazon came fifth with 2.2 million units sold and a 6.5 percent market share. All brands registered a negative year-on-year growth. 

The report adds that brands have realized that tablets work best with PCs and smartphones and hence may offer more integrated software and services in future devices. A significant growth in the tablet market is not expected in the short term but the market may stay afloat in the long run due to the education sector and growth in use cases across various verticals.

As for Chromebooks, the segment declined 20.8 percent in the third quarter of this year. However, the education sector is expected to lift up the market in the future. Acer led the Chromebook market with a 28 percent share whereas HP and Dell were tied at the second spot with a 19 percent market share. Lenovo was fourth with a 18 percent share and ASUS came fifth with a 6.4 percent share. 



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