Galaxy Z Fold 5 Grabs $400 Off Discount for Prime Deals

Want a good Prime Big Deal Days option from one of the most expensive devices around? 's Galaxy Z Fold 5 is $400 off. Yeah, just a straight $400 discount on a phone that typically pushes itself close to the $2,000 mark at retail. There are no trade-ins required, you simply get cash off of Samsung's best new foldable.

GALAXY FOLD 5 PRIME DAY: With a $400 discount, the Fold 5 drops from $1,799 down to $1,399 with 256GB storage. You can double the storage too, and still save $400. I'm talking about the 512GB model which then drops from $1,919 to $1,519 with this same deal. Both are great values.

And that's pretty much it on this deal. You've read our review. You know the previous deals, almost all that required a trade-in. This one doesn't ask anything from you – you just get $400 off for playing along.

Go get it.

Amazon Deal Link


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