Galaxy S24 Ultra Getting Another Camera Update

An unknown amount of Galaxy S24 Ultra owners continue to have issues with the cameras on Samsung’s latest flagship device. We already saw Samsung attempt to address a few of them, but according to company insiders, there’s another fixer update currently getting brewed.

Tweeted out by @UniverseIce, there’s another camera firmware update being worked on, aimed specifically at issues with telephoto image quality, inaccurate white balance, and abnormal red colors.

We don’t yet have word from Samsung as to when we should expect this update, but if it’s getting talked about by insiders, it can’t be that far off. Our best case scenario is that we see it by the end of April, but again, there’s nothing concrete to back to that up.

As someone who uses the S24 Ultra as my daily driver, I can’t say I have come across the issues that others are having. Has anyone here? It’s unfortunate that these issues happen, especially when these phones cost so much money and Samsung spent a lot of marketing dollars talking up all of the amazing camera features. You hate to see it.

Hopefully this new update solves a lot of the remaining issues for owners.

// Mashable


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