Future Apple iPhones may feature in-house battery tech that could improve battery life

Apple could be planning a major change for its future iPhones. The company might soon shift its smartphones to in-house developed battery, which could offer various improvements in battery performance compared to current iterations.

Apple iPhones may soon be powered by self-developed batteries

According to a South Korean report, the Cupertino based giant is working on developing proprietary battery tech. These cells could be employed on its future generation of iPhones. These handsets would likely be slated to launch in 2025. So the iPhone 16 lineup is unlikely to feature this technology. The report claims that the new Apple batteries for the iPhone will offer major improvements in battery performance.

This would likely be related to the overall battery life or the higher fast charging rate support. The ET News claims that the company is directly involved in the manufacturing of the materials that will be used in the new batteries. Apple will reportedly employ this in-house battery in the 2025 iPhones. Furthermore, the report adds that Apple is looking to improve the performance of cathode materials. The company is apparently also considering Carbon Nanotubes or CNTs as a conductive material for improved performance.

Apple might also plan to increase the silicon content in the cathode materials for its iPhone batteries. For those unaware, a battery houses a cathode and cathode materials. Newer smartphones feature graphite as secondary material, but the iPhone maker could be planning on increasing the silicon content in the cathode materials. This, in turn, could help reduce charging and discharging periods.



Via: gizmochina.com

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