Fitbit’s New Sleep Experience Lands in the App

Fitbit is rolling out a redesigned sleep experience this week to give you info that’s easy to see, including all of your previous night’s sleep at a glance without having to go looking for it.

In this new sleep experience, things like sleep duration, sleep score, and a timeline of your sleep stages are all on a single page. You can always find out more, though, just by pressing and holding on your sleep timeline. This will tell you precise times on when you woke or hit those deep Zzzzs.

For those into seeing history, we have week, month, and year views that could help you identify patterns. These pages, if you haven’t seen them before, show you averages for the number of hours you are sleeping, how many days you are hitting your sleep schedule, what your scores are for multiple days, that sort of thing.

Again, we’re told that this new sleep UI is rolling out starting today. Be on the lookout or at least see if your Fitbit app has an update at the link below.

Google Play Link: Fitbit

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