First Certified Google Find My Device Trackers Arrive in May

Now that Google’s Find My Device network has launched, you might be wondering if there are any devices on the market that can take advantage of it. The short answer is – there will be, soon. I know, this always seems to be the case with new Android-related products, but that’s just where we’re at. May is the launch, even as the network has now gone live.

If you’d like to be a step ahead of everyone else, Chipolo and Pebblebee are the first two companies to announce devices and they have pre-orders open immediately. Google told us earlier to expect more devices from Eufy, Motorola, Jio, and others later on this year.

Chipolo – Find My Device

Chipolo Find My Device products currently consist of a tracker tag and a wallet card. You can buy these separately or in a bundle to potentially save a bit of cash.

  • Chipolo ONE Point: This is the tag device that you can attach to a keyring, backpack, or luggage to easily track those items. It has a replaceable battery that lasts up to 1 year (CR 2032), a chime that reaches 120dB, and IPX5 water resistance. It comes in an off white color and costs $28 for a single tag. You can also buy 4-packs for $79. (Shop Chipolo ONE Point)
  • Chipolo CARD Point: Here we have the wallet or card-style tracker that is the shape of a credit card to easily slide into a wallet slot. It is 2.4mm thick, has a 105dB chime, hits IPX5 water resistance, and lasts up to two years. It does not have a replaceable battery. It costs $35. (Shop Chipolo CARD Point)

Chipolo says their first batch of Find My Device products are soldout for May shipments. They expect the second batch to ship around June 10.

Pebblebee – Find My Device

Pebblebee Find My Device products match Chipolo with clip and wallet devices, but they have a third called Tag. You have the same sets of features, but Pebblebee is big on having rechargeable batteries inside.

  • Pebblebee Tag: The device called Tag is Pebblebee’s most flexibile, as you can basically stick it to anything, thanks to an adhesive. It has a rechargeable battery that lasts up to 12 months, internal buzzer, and IPX6 water resistance. It comes in 1-, 2-, and 4-packs starting at $34.99. (Shop Pebblebee Tag)
  • Pebblebee Card: This is their wallet-style option with 18-month battery life (rechargeable). It also has an LED light to find it in the dark, internal buzzer/chime, and IPX6 water resistance. Card comes in 1-pack, 2-pack, and 4-pack options with a starting price of $35. (Shop Pebblebee Card)
  • Pebblebee Clip: Clip is the AirTag-style option that has 12 months battery life and is also rechargeable. It too has a built-in buzzer, a bright LED, and IPX6 water resistance. It comes in 1-, 2, and 4-packs starting at $29.99. (Shop Pebblebee Clip)

Pebblebee expects shipments of their Find My Device products to move at the end of May. They’ll hit places like the Google Store in June.

Other Find My Device products

If none of the above sound like something you’d buy, here’s the rest of the list of devices that are either coming soon or will have support in the near future. This is Google’s current official list.

Google Find My Device - Supported Devices


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