Discover the Power of Microsoft’s AI Design Tool in Edge

The free design tool from , called Designer, which uses artificial intelligence, is now widely accessible to users of the Edge browser in the US. This tool lets you use Design right from the side of the Edge browser, so you can create designs without needing to open a new tab or a different program.

Last year, Microsoft introduced Designer, and in April, they said they would add it to Edge. This combination allows you to make various designs like social media posts, fliers, greeting cards, and invitations directly from the sidebar of the Edge browser.

How Microsoft AI Designer Works

When you type in a request, Designer's artificial intelligence will show you a grid of design ideas. These ideas come with text and a picture. You can change these designs however you want. For example, you can replace a picture, put in an illustration, or pick a different font. The tool also uses DALL-E technology to make images from text, and you can use these pictures in your design too.

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Even though you can already find all these functions in Microsoft's separate Designer web app, there's an advantage to having them all together in Edge. This integration makes it simpler to take your designs to places like email, Facebook, or Instagram without needing to open many different windows. This move could also help Edge's Designer compete with other free design tools like Canva, which are also starting to include AI-powered abilities.

Availability of Microsoft Designer

Microsoft Designer is currently in a testing phase, and it's not certain when it will be officially launched. To use the tool, update your Edge browser and then click on the “plus” icon on the far-right side of your screen. After that, turn on “Designer (Preview)” to make it show up in the sidebar.

In addition to adding Designer to Edge, Microsoft also made some changes to Bing Chat in the browser. Now, the chatbot in Bing can do more things when you ask it. For instance, it can help you organize tabs that are about a certain topic or get a password from another browser.

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