DEAL: Trade In Your Really Old Tablet, Get Pixel Tablet for $250

Google is offering improved trade-in values on older Android and iOS tablets right now, bringing the price of a Pixel Tablet down to at least $250. If you have a newer trade-in tablet, your price will be even lower.

For example, if you have an iPad (6th Gen), a tablet that was released back in 2018, can get you the $250 trade-in value. If you have a Galaxy Tab S5e from 2019, that’s also worth $250 as a trade-in.

The Pixel Tablet has been a staple in my living room since release, perfect for managing the smart aspects of my home, as well as being a good couch potato tablet for playing Android games. It’s not an overpowered flagship tablet by any means, but at $250, it will certainly get the job done and allow you access to all of the latest and upcoming Android 15 beta builds.

Follow the link below.

Google Store Link


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